E-mail: morena.bruno@student.unisi.it

Current function 
Ph.D Student
2018: Master’s Degree in Ecotoxicology and Environmental Sustainability – University of Siena
2015: Bachelor’s Degree in Environmental Science – University of Bologna
Work experience
2018/2019: Researcher scholarship  – University of Siena
2018: Traineeship at University of Aarhus (Roskielde, Danemark)
2017/2018: Campus Tutor – University of Siena


Research area 
Renewable Marine Energies;
Carbon Footprint;
Life Cycle Assessment.

FridaysForFuture – Siena

Bruno, M., Thomsen, M., Pulselli, F.M., Patrizi, N., Marini, M., Caro, D. The carbon footprint of Danish diets. Climatic Change. (under review)

Bruno, M., Patrizi, N., Pulselli, R.M., Maccanti, M., Marchi, M., Bastianoni, S. Hypothesizing three offshore technologies for Blue Energy deployment in the Mediterranean area: an LCA perspective. Frontiers for Energy Research. (under review)