E-mail: maccanti@student.unisi.it

Current function 
Researcher Fellow
2021: Ph.D. – Environmental, Geological and Polar Sciences – University of Siena
2017: Master’s Degree in Ecotoxicology and Environmental Sustainability – University of Siena
2013: Bachelor’s Degree in Environmental Science

Work experience
2016/2017 Student Tutor of the Department of Physical Sciences, Earth and Environment (DSFTA) – University of Siena

Research area 
Emergy evaluation on renewable marine energies and agro-food systems;
Greenhouse gas balance of territorial and urban systems

ISAER – International Society for the Advancement of Emergy Research
FridaysForFuture – Siena

Maccanti M., Marchi M., Pulselli F.M., Bastianoni S, 2017. Greenhouse gas emissions from the integrated waste management system and the relevance at territorial scale: the case of the Province of Grosseto. Procedia Environmental Science, Engineering and Management, 4 (2), 91-100.

Pulselli R.M., Maccanti M., Marrero M., van den Dobbelsteen A., Martin C., Marchettini N., 2019. Energy transition for decarbonisation of urban neighborhoods: a case study in Seville. Eds. Passerini G., Marchettini, N. Transactions on Ecology and the Environment, 217 (Vol.), 893-901.

Bastianoni S., Coscieme L., Gigliotti M., Maccanti M., Neri E., Neri L., Pulselli F.M., 2018. Overview of sustainability assessment methods within the Input-State-Output framework. Keynote Speech. Atti del XVII Congresso Nazionale di Chimica dell’Ambiente e dei Beni Culturali, Genova, 24-27 giugno 2018, in press.

Bruno M., Patrizi N., Pulselli R.M., Maccanti M., Marchi M., Bastianoni S., 2019. Compared Life Cycle Assessments of three offshore technologies for Blue Energy deployment in the Mediterranean area. Submitted for publication in Frontiers in Energy Systems and Policy, Perspectives for Marine Energy in the Mediterranean Area.

Pulselli R.M., Maccanti M., Neri E., Patrizi N., 2019. Planning neighbourhood decarbonisation in Mediterranean cities. Submitted for publication in iQuaderni di UrbanisticaTre, Energy and Planning in Mediterranean Countries: Innovation paths in practices and careers.