EUSTEPs is a three-year sustainability education project focused on the ecological footprint, funded by IKY through the ERASMUS + program (KA203 – Strategic Partnerships for Higher Education). The goal of EUSTEPs is to educate European university students and the wider academic community on the complexity of … Read More

City Minded

Sustainability of cities is a key challenge in Europe: nowadays, around 70% of Europeans live in cities and this number will rise, therefore urban areas are the most important test-bed for energy transition and decarbonisation models. Decarbonisation measures concern a … Read More

Build in Wood

Build-in-Wood aims to meet the global and European challenges of reducing greenhouse gas emissions from the construction sector by developing a sustainable and innovative wood value chain for the construction of multi-storey buildings. The ambition of the project is to … Read More


Results from the INTERREG-MED projects MAESTRALE and PELAGOS showed that Blue Energy (BE) is rarely considered in energy strategies at national and regional level. The lack of clear rules and procedural tools for BE deployment, together with low potentials and … Read More


Blue Energy refers to a set of emerging technologies that exploit marine sources to generate renewable energy. These devices still are at the early stage but promising pilot projects have been demonstrated mainly in ocean seas. Although just a few … Read More

The Sun in the Plate

The project The Sun in the Plate’ (Il Sole nel Piatto) is supported and promoted by the Monte dei Paschi di Siena Foundation and its main purpose is to carry out a characterization of foods on the basis of the … Read More

Ecosystem Services – The richness of a Park in Salento

Protected areas are fundamental providers of several goods and services, named as Ecosystem Services (ESs), which are essential for sustaining our life, as well as every economic activity. In the Millennium Ecosystem Assessment (2005), the most important international work on … Read More

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