Dario Caro was born in Siena on 6 Dicember 1982.
Address: Via Aldo Moro 2
Siena, IT 53100
telephone: 0577/234354
fax: 0577/234353
e-mail: caro2@unisi.it

B.A.: University of Siena in Chemistry,
Title of the thesis: “Monitoring on presence of Arsenic into Montecristo island” 108/110;
• Supervisor: Dr Alessandro Donati, Department of Chemical and Biosystems Sciences, University of Siena.

M.A.: University of Siena in Chemistry
“The carbon balance of Siena Province” 110/110 magna cum laude;
• Supervisor: Dr. Simone Bastianoni, Department of Chemistry, University of Siena.
• Co-supervisor: Dr. Francesco Vaccari, National Research Council, Florence.

Research experience:

Short term Student: (October 2012 – Present). Department of Global Ecology. Carnegie Institution of Science. Stanford University. (Ken Caldeira Lab).
Doctoral Candidate Chemistry: (October 2010 – October 2013). Department of chemistry. University of Siena. Ecodynamics research group.

Research activity:

His main research focuses are the use of sustainability indicators and the application of thermodynamics to ecological systems.
Currently he is a Ph.D. candidate in Chemical Sciences in the University of Siena (environmental curriculum) with a project entitled:
"Environmental sustainability assessment applied to global or local regional systems, using thermodynamic approaches" under the supervision of Prof. Simone Bastianoni.
In particular, in the first part of PhD, he studied IPCC methodology to realize GHG inventories at national and local level. He contributed to realize the REGES project, for the control and monitoring of greenhouse gas emissions by IPCC methodology in the area of the Province of Siena. The results of REGES Project were certified by ISO 14064 from RINA services S.p.A.
He is also studying alternative methods to allocate responsibility of GHG emissions in international trade and the consequent policy implications.
Moreover he is evaluating new systems to assess forest absorption, as Eddy Covariance Instrument in collaboration with National Council Research of Florence. He is elaborating scenarios to evaluate, for example, the partial substitution of gasoline with ethanol in Siena Province by an LCA approach. He participated to several meetings and schools; in particular he was selected for the EU school: “Climate change, cultural heritage and risk”, summer school organized from Council of Europe (2011).
In this moment he is working at Carnegie institution of Science at Department of global ecology in Stanford (California). He is dealing with embodied emission in livestock trade, comparing produced based accounting (IPCC inventory) and consumer based accounting (multi and single-regional input output analysis) under the supervision of Ken Caldeira (Carnegie institution of Science- Stanford University) and Steven Davis (University of California-Irvine).
He is a member of “Italian Chemical Society”.

Publications Reasearch Articles:

D. Caro, S. Bastianoni, S. Borghesi, F.M. Pulselli, 2012. “Toward a different emissions allocation method in national GHG inventories”. Energy Policy. Submitted (under-revision).
N. Patrizi, D. Caro, F.M. Pulselli, A. B. Bjerre, S. Bastianoni, 2012. “Feasibility of partial substitution of gasoline with ethanol in Siena Province (Italy): an LCA approach”. Journal of Clean Production. In press: http://dx.doi.org/10.1016/j.jclepro.2012.11.023

S. Bastianoni, M. Marchi, D. Caro, F.M. Pulselli, P. Casprini, 2012. “Certified ISO 14064-1 Greenhouse Gas Inventories: a relevant policy tool for the sustainable management of Siena Province (Tuscany, central Italy) ”. Journal of Environmental Management. In preparation
D. Caro, S. Bastianoni, S. Borghesi, F.M. Pulselli, 2012. “GHG emission responsibility and carbon transfer through International Trade: a consumer based approach at the national level”. Environmental Science & Policy. In preparation

Oral Presentations:

D. Caro, F.M. Pulselli, S. Bastianoni, 2011. “A method to assign the emissions in International trade” (meeting) – XI convention ARG – Assisi – Società Chimica Italiana.
D.Caro, S. Bastianoni, 2012 “Analysis and assessment of green house gases in territorial systems” (meeting)– IX edition Emory – Siena – Chemistry for life & environment education, collaboration, innovation.

Schools and Special Courses:

“Scientific Writing” (with final exam) held by Kristin Sainani in January/March 2013, for a total of 18 hours of lessons. Stanford University
“Climate change, cultural heritage and risk” (with final exam), Summer School organized from Council of Europe (2011).
“Writing Scientific Articles in English” (with final exam) held by Adrian Wallwork in March / April 2011, for a total of 10 hours of lessons. University of Siena.





contatti: Via della Diana 2A - 53100 - Siena - tel +39 0577 232003 - Fax +39 0577 232004 - email ecodynamics@unisi.it