Giulia G
Date and place of birth: February 13th, 1991 – Mantova

Current function 
PhD Student
2017: Master’s Degree in Environmental Economics and Development – University of Siena
2014: Bachelor’s Degree in International Studies – University of Trento
Work experience
2017 on-going: Staff working in MAESTRALE project (Interreg MED program) for the University of Siena as lead partner
2014: Internship Program “Think Green” among Teacher Colégio Casa Mae, Oporto (Portugal)

Research area 
Life Cycle Sustainability Assessment;
Life Cycle Assessement;
Social Life Cycle Assessment;
Circular Economy

Goffetti, G., Montini, M., Volpe, F., Gigliotti, M., Pulselli, F. M., Sannino, G., & Marchettini, N. (2018). Disaggregating the SWOT Analysis of Marine Renewable Energies. Frontiers in Energy Research, 6, 138.

Goffetti, G., Patrizi, N., Neri, E., Magaudda, S., Pulselli, R. M., & Bastianoni, S. (2018). Categorization and geo-localization of Marine Renewable energies for the mediterranean area. WIT Transactions on Ecology and the Environment, 217, 401-409.