cv_CaroDario Caro was born in Siena on 6 Dicember 1982.
Address: Via Aldo Moro 2
Siena, IT 53100
telephone: 0577/234354
fax: 0577/234353


Ph.D.: University of Siena in Chemistry (environmental specialization)

“The relevance of a different emissions allocation method in national GHG inventories: toward a consumer perspective”;

  • Supervisor: Dr. Simone Bastianoni, Department of Chemistry, University of Siena (Italy).
  • Co-supervisor: Dr. Kenneth Caldeira, Carnegie institution of science, Stanford University (U.S.).

M.A.: University of Siena in Chemistry (environmental specialization)

“The carbon balance of Siena Province” 110/110 magna cum laude;

  • Supervisor: Dr. Simone Bastianoni, Department of Chemistry, University of Siena.
  • Co-supervisor: Dr. Francesco Vaccari, National Research Council, Florence.

B.A.: University of Siena in Chemistry (environmental specialization)

“Presence of Arsenic within Montecristo island” 108/110;

  • Supervisor: Dr Alessandro Donati, Department of Chemical and Biosystems Sciences, University of Siena.

Research experience:

Post Doc: (November 2013- September 2014): Department of Earth, Environmental and Physical Sciences, Ecodynamics Group, University of Siena. Project title: Ecosystem services and CO2 emissions evaluation due to micro-algae production aimed to biofuel production.

Short term Student: (October 2012 – April 2013). Department of Global Ecology. Carnegie Institution of Science. Stanford University (California). (Ken Caldeira Lab).

Doctoral Candidate Chemistry: (October 2010 – October 2013). Department of chemistry. University of Siena. Ecodynamics research group (Simone Bastianoni Lab).

Research activity:

His research focuses on the use of sustainability indicators and their application in regional systems (macro and micro scale).

In particular, he studied and investigated the application of IPCC guidelines, developing greenhouse gas inventories at global, national and local scale. He contributed to realize the “Siena Carbon Free” project, in the Siena Province area. The findings relative to Siena Carbon Free Project were certified by using ISO 14064 from RINA services S.p.A. The Siena Province was the first regional system in Europe to achieve the ISO 14064 certification. The project began in 2006 and it is ongoing. Dario is the scientific supervisor of the project since 2008. The greenhouse gases monitoring of the Siena Province area is being implemented yearly. From the project’s beginning, Dario has collaborated with research partners such as government agencies, academic institutions, and he has improved the data in the accounts and the calculation methodology.

Moreover, he focused on traditional and alternative methods to allocate responsibility of greenhouse gas emissions in international trade. He spent six months at Carnegie institution of Science at Department of global ecology in Stanford (California) dealing with the embodied emission in trade, comparing production- (IPCC inventory) with consumption-based accounting (input-output analysis or Life Cycle Assessment) under the supervision of Kenneth Caldeira. During this period he estimated the greenhouse gas emissions due to livestock realizing a global time series database for several livestock categories. Moreover he focused on emissions embodied in international trade of meat, analyzing and manipulating large datasets.

Moreover he assessed innovative systems to evaluate forestry absorption, such as Eddy Covariance Instrument in collaboration with National Council Research of Florence.

He also elaborated scenarios to evaluate, for example, the partial substitution of gasoline with ethanol in Siena Province by an LCA approach.

He has a thorough knowledge of several sustainability indicators such as life cycle assessment, ecological footprint and greenhouse gas inventory.

He carries out revisions for Global Environmental Change, Journal of Environmental Management, Journal of Cleaner Production and Ecological Indicators, Ecological Economics.