sumflower logoThe project named SUstainable Management of FLOriculture in WEstern Riviera (SUMFLWER) has been founded by the European Commission through the LIFE+ Environment Policy and Governance 2009 program. In particular, the sustainability evaluation of the floriculture production chain has been assigned to the Ecodynamics group. Emergy evaluation, Life Cycle Assessment and Ecological Footprint were used to evaluate the level of resources consumption and environmental impacts related to the production chain of five flower farms located into the western Liguria region. The results of these analysis were presented and discussed in the seminar.

Speakers: Dr.ssa Nicoletta Patrizi, Dr.ssa Fabiana Morandi, Dr.ssa Elena Neri

Institution: European Commission
Project: SUMFLOWER (SUstainable Management of FLOriculture in WEstern Riviera)
Partners: Università di Genova
Methods: LCA, Water Footprint
Note:Il progetto LIFE+ 09ENVI/IT/067 “SUMFLOWER” rientra nei progetti LIFE+ Amministrazione e Politica Ambientale (LIFE+ Environment Policy and Governance).